2019 tracks and SCHEDULE

3 tracks Running concurrently

Sustainable Recreation: Both the draw and backbone of what brings people to mountain towns. How do we preserve, protect and leverage our natural resources in a responsible fashion?

Infrastructure and Community: Infrastructure innovation in housing, broadband, and physical working space is critical for supporting entrepreneurial ecosystems. Creating and leveraging an entrepreneurial culture is essential to starting and maintaining a vibrant community.

Innovation and Investment: Most mountain communities are dependent on snow fall and tourism to sustain their economic vitality. How do we create the third leg of that stool and galvanize our communities around supporting innovative businesses to relocate, stay and grow?


daily sessions, Free ski time, networking

All keynotes and breakout sessions are held in the Mountainside Conference Center at Mammoth Mountain’s Main Lodge.

Wednesday, February 27

8am - 12pm - Open Ski and Activity Time

12pm - 1pm - Open Lunch / Networking

1-1:50pm - Opening Remarks & Keynote - From Tourist Destination to Vibrant Community (Chris McNamara)

2-2:50pm - Breakout Session #1

  • Understanding & Communicating Your Story (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Welcome to Sustainable Recreation (Sustainable Recreation)

  • Lessons from Building an Innovation Ecosystem in a Surf Town (Innovation & Investment)

3-3:50pm - Breakout Session #2

  • Creative Solutions to Housing Issues - Utilizing Vacant Real Estate (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Anticipating (Eagerly) My Recreation Experience (Sustainable Recreation)

4:10-5pm - Breakout Session #3 - MCC

  • Creative Solutions to Housing Issues - Using the Benefit Corporation Model (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Putting a Value on Sustainable Recreation and Natural Resources (Sustainable Recreation)

5:10-6pm - Breakout Session #4 - MCC

  • Broadband via Public/Private Partnership (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Building Sustainable Regions (Sustainable Recreation)

  • From Angel Groups to Venture Funds - How to Organize Your Capital Community (Innovation & Investment)

6pm - 9pm - Dinner - Yodler Bar & Restaurant

Thursday, February 28

8am - 12pm - Open Ski and Activity Time

12pm - 1pm - Open Lunch / Networking

1pm - 1:50pm - Keynote - Measuring a Mountain Town’s Quality of Life (Colleen Dalton)

2pm - 2:50pm - Breakout Session #1

  • Integrating Science & Education in the Community (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Building Sustainable Trail Systems (Sustainable Recreation)

3pm - 3:50pm - Breakout Session #2

  • Creative Solutions to Transportation Issues (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Sustainable Gateway Communities Through Non-Profit/Government Partnerships (Sustainable Recreation)

  • The Power of Adventure in Growing the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (Innovation & Investment)

4:10pm - 5pm - Breakout Session #3

  • How Strong Leadership Creates Great Communities (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Sustainable Recreation: Working with Public Land Managers (Sustainable Recreation)

  • Rightsizing Investment Structures to Fit Mountain & Rural Communities: Strategies from a VC in a Mountain Town (Innovation & Investment)

5:10pm - 6pm - Breakout Session #4

  • How Diversity Manifests in a Mountain Town and Entrepreneurs (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Social Media & Technology with a Sustainable Recreation Lens (Sustainable Recreation)

  • Consulting Mountain Entrepreneurs (Innovation & Investment)

5:30pm - 7pm - Open Dinner

7pm - 9pm - The Future of a Mountain Town: A Community Dialogue - Canyon Lodge Grizzly Theatre (free & open to the public)

Public Reception and Mountain Town Presentation - Canyon Lodge Grizzly Theater

Friday, March 1

7am - 9am - Breakfast Buffet - Mountainside Conference Center

8:00am - 8:50am - Breakout Session #1

  • How We Got the Ski Resort to Invest in a Coworking Space (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Public/Public Partnerships - The Eastern Sierra Sustainable Recreation Partnership (Sustainable Recreation)

  • Running a Startup Accelerator - A Tactical Playbook on Leading a Session for Startups In Your Hometown (Innovation & Investment)

9:00am - 9:50am - Breakout Session #2

  • Community Building You Can Do Now That You Have a Coworking Space (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Sustainable Advocacy (Sustainable Recreation)

  • Creating an Angel Group or Syndicate - From Legal Entities to Proper Diligence (Innovation & Investment)

10:00am - 10:50am - Breakout Session #3

  • Rural Intellectualism & Contemporary Art (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Access & Equity in Outdoor Sustainable Recreation (Sustainable Recreation)

  • Evolution of an Entrepreneur in a Ski Town (Innovation & Investment)

11:00am - 11:50am - Breakout Session #4

  • Outdoor Sports Events & Involvement of Pro Athletes to Build Community (Infrastructure & Community)

  • Creating a California Office of Sustainable Recreation (Sustainable Recreation)

1pm - 1:50pm - Closing Remarks & Keynote - Opportunity Zones & Rebirth of a Mountain Town (Greg Carter)

1pm - 4pm - Open Ski and Activity Time