Why in Mammoth?

The Eastern Sierra has been home to the entrepreneurial spirit for over a century. Mammoth itself was once a scrappy mining community until Dave McCoy, a hydrographer and champion ski racer put up the first local rope tow in 1938. In the 80 years since, the community has continued to embrace this self-starter, chase-your-own-dreams mindset.


Today is it home to local businesses, a remote work force and a committed weekend warrior culture out of the larger Los Angeles basin. With recent developments in co-working space and industry leading broad-band infrastructure, the community is looking forward to the next 100 years of economic sustainability


First two years: 

Like most start ups, it begins with a shared idea, a conversation that gains traction. When we began, we were a small group of people living in Mountain communities and wondering what the future may hold and how to help steer this in some way. We'd invite a few folks together and see what we could learn from each other. Telluride played host for the beginning, an iconic mountain town at the forefront of community development and home to the Telluride Venture Accelerator. 

2 years later, what was to be a casual gathering quickly morphed into 100+ people from over 30 mountain communities across North America convening in these majestic places we call home to  share knowledge, build networks and set forth on projects to architect the future of our mountain economies. 

The results have ranged from a baseline community ranking to identify strengths and weaknesses, to new co-working spaces and accelerators getting off the ground thanks in large part to the network support and cross-community knowledge sharing. 

Mountain towns inherently attract entrepreneurial individuals. You have to be entrepreneurial to fund a life in the mountain.